Fees and Accommodation

Dogs Cats
The kennels are designed to ensure that all dogs enjoy the most pleasant and stress-free visit possible.

Each kennel enables guests to have access to both inside and outside environments at all times. Each kennel has a 4 meter inside run, as well as a 6 meter outside run. The outside runs also have a 2 meter roof for protection from both sun and rain; therefore, regardless of the weather your dog can enjoy fresh air.

All dogs have their own hammock bed and there is an assortment of toys available.

The facility is surrounded by 2 meter colorbond fencing to ensure that your pet is secure, with the back fence consisting of hurricane fencing. This allows the dogs to enjoy the view of the surrounding hills and also watch the cattle grazing nearby.

There are large day runs available and these will be used for larger dogs who would like to romp and little more, or for a couple of dogs to enjoy supervised play. The day runs also have access to wading pools, for dogs that love to splash around on a hot day.

The cattery offers spacious walk-in modules in a climate controlled environment.

The walk-in modules are over 2 meters high, are 1 meter wide and over 1 meter deep. There are multiple levels that allow the cats to explore and move freely. There are windows along all the walls that allows plenty of sunny spots for the cats the laze around and snooze.

There is a selection of toys that are available that will keep your pet stimulated.

Cats have available a selection of dry and wet food; to suit the fussiest eater.

Per night, per dog:
– Small Dogs $27.00
– Medium Dogs $29.00
– Large Dogs – $31.00
– XLarge Dogs – $33.00
– Giant Dogs – $39.00 (over 45 kgs)

** Fees as of  July 2019
Per night, per cat:
– Walk in Modules $22 per night

Please note:
– Afternoon pick-ups (after 11:30 am) may incur an additional nights charge.
All animal guests must be up to date with all vaccinations
Dogs – C5 vaccination
Cats – F3 vaccination
If you Vaccinating for the first time prior to boarding, please remember that there is approximately a
7 – 10 day delay for cats and a
14 day delay for dogs for the vaccination to become effective.
You will need to provide your current vaccination certificate during the induction process.
Clean and flea free:
All dogs and cats should be wormed and be free of fleas.
To avoid additional costs please ensure your dog or cat is flea free
When checking in, please ensure your dog or cat is appropriately clean and groomed.
If they require additional grooming whilst in our care, please let us know and this will be arranged.
Dogs – Premium dry and fresh chicken meat. We feed dogs both morning and night.
Cats – Cats have a selection of dry and wet food available to them. Cats are fed twice a day.
Special arrangements can be made if you have a specific feeding regime that you would like us to follow.
If you would like to supply your own food, please feel free to bring it.
Ensure that it is in a sealed container and is labelled with your dog or cats name.
We recommend you freeze all provided food as it will store better for the duration of the stay.
Bookings made over Christmas, Easter & school holidays:
These bookings will
require a deposit that is non refundable. Dates booked during these periods cannot be changed. The length of the stay may be extended (based upon availability), however any reductions in number of days will not affect the pricing (original booking dates will be charged).
Upon arrival please ensure any dog or cat is contained in a proper pet carrier. Any dog is on a leash. There will be paperwork to complete on arrival, and once this is done, we will escort you pet to its new accommodation.
Vet Services:
If veterinary attention is required by your dog during their stay then we will seek veterinary attention immediately. Where possible we will use your animal’s normal vet. However, if this is not possible then we will seek the services of our on-call vets.
Of course we will contact you to advise you of what is occurring, and keep you updated. If you believe that you may not be contactable for certain periods of your dogs stay, then you may nominate a proxy who we will contact instead.
All veterinary charges that are incurred during your dogs stay are the responsibility of the owner.
We offer full grooming and clipping, or just a bath for your dog. If you would like your dog bathed prior to pick-up then please contact us and we can provide you with pricing. Otherwise talk to us when dropping off your dog (or making your booking).