Cuballa Kennels & Cattery offers specialized care for your dog and cat. The kennels are insulated, lined and heated and air conditioned.  The kennel complex has been designed to ensure that every dog has room to play and romp, and is able to be as social as they want to be. The design of the kennels also offers more timid guests plenty of room to relax.  The size of the kennels and outdoor areas are large and far exceed the requirements set out for boarding kennels.

Cuballa Kennels is a purpose built facility and has been designed to ensure that all dogs enjoy the most pleasant and stress-free visit possible. Each kennel enables guests to have access to both inside and outside environments at all times. Each kennel has a 4 meter inside run, as well as a 6 meter outside run. The outside runs also have a 2 meter roof for protection from both sun and rain; therefore, regardless of the weather your dog can enjoy fresh air. All dogs have their own hammock bed and there is an assortment of toys available.

There are large day runs available and these enable your dog to enjoy some one-on-one play time.  The exercise yards also have access to wading pools, for dogs that love to splash around on a hot day.

Small and large dogs are not necessarily separated into different kennel sheds; however we are mindful that some smaller dogs are intimidated by bigger dogs and take that into consideration when boarding. The comfort and confidence of your dog is of utmost importance to us.

Cats are housed in a secure, climate controlled environment.  There are large walk-in modules available that allow cats plenty of room so sleep, laze around and look out the windows.

Please contact us on 03 5766 4363